Beaming with Pride


Around here at BC/DC Ideas, we often talk about our jobs being our “work child.” We nurture it with hard work, make sure it keeps growing, and are always worried about it. So on days like today, we feel like proud parents!

Our client, WithinReach & Vax Northwest, was featured in TIME Magazine for the Immunity Community project. This peer-to-peer vaccine communications project is a landmark program that prepares parents to have tough immunization conversations with other parents. In the article, the reporter uses the Immunity Community program as a framework to support a new study that at least 95% of parents indicated that they had consulted their “people network” for insight into making vaccination decisions. Read the whole article here.

We have been by our client’s side for every step of the Immunity Community project – creating the brand, communications materials, advocate trainings and videos. We’ve felt the stress of training the first set of advocates and feeling the relief of watching the research come in with positive results. It’s been a great two years making this project a reality and we are looking forward to making it all happen again this year.

At BC/DC Ideas, this is what we do. We work with our clients to literally change the world. With our clients, we tackle the big and small problems that are keeping our society and it’s most vulnerable members from excelling.

This is what we love. We’re so proud of the work that the WithinReach & Vax Northwest has done. Okay, enough praise. Let’s get back to work!