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Collaboration, Kindness and Getting Sh*t Done 

We believe in a different kind of creativity. One that’s rooted in hand-in-hand partnership to achieve your biggest goals together. We believe in radical kindness and respect while, at the same time, letting the “what ifs” run free. 

What Makes Us Different

Making sense of the Creative process

Over the the past decade we have created and honed a creative feedback process that works so that everyone is heard and projects get to completion on time, on budget and without tears. We even wrote the book on this process – Kindly Review

It is embedded into everything we do. Read the book or buy it for your entire team. You can even sign up for a training

How We Work


Ever heard of Ideastorm? It’s not just a meeting, it’s a journey into the heart of your organization, a quest to discover what truly makes it tick! 

An IdeaStorm session is like a collaboration extravaganza – think of it as a creative brainstorming bonanza! We’re teaming up to craft a game-changing action plan and sketch out the most awesome next steps to conquer your goals.

By the end of our meetup, we’re not just leaving with a plan; we’re leaving with a high-five-worthy, fist-pumping, absolutely fantastic plan with clear next steps. Ready to turn your goals into a success story? Let the Ideastorm begin!

Creative Review Process

Let’s be real… who wants to spend hours and hours revising and editing when there’s a campaign to launch?! Not us! But fear not, we’ve got your back.

Our projects are efficient and collaborative from beginning to end. We have a time-tested process that gets your projects to completion. Let’s get this show on the road and have some fun while we’re at it! 


Hey there, fellow do-gooder! We’re not your average helpers – we dive deep into your mission and goals to make sure you’re set up for success, and we’re pretty darn good at it.

Our seasoned team has joined forces with over 100 nonprofit partners, soaking up insights and turning challenges into triumphs. We’re here to provide top-notch services that turn your mission into a streamlined powerhouse, making a positive impact that’s impossible to ignore. 

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Our Services

We do all the nonprofit communications – anything that you could, should or would love to do.

We can take any communications project from kickoff to completion. We also deeply understand the “magic sauce” for nonprofit communication. We are able to apply what we’ve learned across sectors and clients to make highly effective communications that meet your goals.

We bring creative power to nonprofits across the country to have real impacts to people and movements. Let us help you amplify your work.

Create Good is about inspiring nonprofit communicators with the latest tools and techniques. We invite communicators from around the country who are doing the most meaningful and eye-catching work to come share what they’ve learned so the whole sector rises up.

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