Immunity Community: “Why I Vaccinate” Video Series

Telling the authentic stories of families that choose to vaccinate.

We believe that giving voice to the silent majority that make the choice to vaccinate will keep the positive chatter going about immunizations and help reassure new parents.

As part of our second year with the Immunity Community program, we continued our evolution with the community. Year one was about recruiting and educating advocates. Now, we’re engaging them to not only be our advocates, but also to tell their stories.

About the Families and Our Approach

It was important to us that our families be real and their answers be true to each family’s point of view. We started with authenticity. It was the one constant for all the interviews. All of our families are real, live in and around Seattle, and they all graciously volunteered their day to talk with us.

Could we have shot these interviews in Raleigh instead of flying across the country? Sure, but that would have compromised the authenticity. Vax Northwest , through the Immunity Community program, is asking for people’s trust. We are meeting that trust by being transparent and honest with every piece of our communications.