Putting Stories in Motion


I’ve long predicted that video is the next step in the social media evolution. Customers and donors will expect high-quality videos that move them emotionally within two years.

With the advent of video conferencing on your cell phone, people’s faces and voices are going to outweigh the importance of a status update. We’ll see a rise of video chatting. We’ve already seen the creepy baby steps with Chatroulette. The future is coming, let’s be ready for it.

Just imagine if you could click on a Twitter user and see their video upload instead of a written tweet. Think of the possibilities of tiny vignettes of a cause or client story. Now that you’ve engaged all those followers on Twitter imagine if you could put your face to your message. Imagine if you could put the stories of your cause into action.

Why not start now? Why not make 10 15-second videos with reasons why someone should support your cause from volunteers, board members, clients and staff then upload them to Twitter via TwitVid. The key it to be an early adopter and use it effectively.

Over the past few months, Brian and I have been putting our video production skills to the test. It’s a wonderful gift to be able to put our stories to pictures. Brian has the talent of script writing, direction, cinematography and editing all tucked into one brilliant mind. I come in at the end for the final panache and maybe lay down a VO track.

Enjoy our first video, we’re pretty proud of it.  While we do love it, we’d also like to get your feedback on how to make it better!