Experiences Last Longer Than Words


Campaigns have a shelf life. They are temporary by nature, replaced by the next one to come along. What can’t be changed are experiences that touch on emotions at visceral level. It’s these moments that mark you for life.

I recently was lucky enough to be invited to a NASA Tweetup. Here’s my experience

I don’t remember the last 5 seconds of the countdown. Once the candle was lit I was just in the moment for the launch.

How can I describe a launch? If you’ve never seen one in person I’m not sure it’s possible. Let’s see, there’s a mouth-agape awe at the pure unbelievable spectacle in front of you. Or maybe feelings of inconsequence as six people ride a rocket into space in 8.5 minutes.

It may seem a bit mushy, but overwhelmingly I had a feeling of hope. Hope for the future of science and space exploration. I mean, if we can strap a crew onto a controlled bomb and launch them to the heavens then anything is possible with mankind’s genius. All we need is the will to do it.

Everyone at the Tweetup was touched by a similar experience and many have written about the awesomeness of NASA and the shuttle launch.

Does that sound like a typical “consumer?” Not likely.

Look, of course we’re not all NASA. We can’t all send rockets into the horizon. Here’s the point: if you have 20 fans then you probably have an experience to share. Imagine a beer company that actually invited its brand lovers to come make their own brew? Or an ATV company that creates guided tours exclusively for it’s owners?

You may need to get outside yourself, from a fan’s perspective, to find those unique experiences, but it’ll be worth it in the eyes of your newly evangelical followers.

One final note:

I tell everyone that if they’ve wanted to see a launch, even if it’s only a passing fancy, do it. There’s only two shuttle launches left and seeing it on TV doesn’t compare to being there in person. If you want the same experience as I got follow @nasatweetup and enter for the next tweetup and moment of a lifetime.