Protect ALL NC Families: Defeating Hate

Standing up for the everyone’s rights in North Carolina.

Standing up for what’s right is never wrong.

These are words that guide us whether we’re figuring out how to help a client tell their story or we’re standing shoulder to shoulder during an advocacy challenge.

Like many North Carolinians, we were looking to get involved in the Amendment One battle on the right side of history. Amendment One was an attempt at enshrining hate into our state constitution targeting some of our most vulnerable citizens.

Joining Forces

We were asked to join the team by New Kind, the lead agency running the communications and online fundraising operations for the anti-amendment coalition.

We knew it was an uphill battle all the way, but with stubborn determination we were not going to let this one go without giving it our all.

Complimenting the beautiful design, we crafted much of the copy and assisted in modifying tone where appropriate depending on subject matter and the life cycle of the campaign.

We created copy and provided copy strategy for:

> The Protect ALL NC Families website

> Campaign and Issue one-pagers

> Email and petition appeals

> Videography

> Video paper edits

> Blogger outreach to spread the messaging



For three months we were glued to polling numbers like nothing else mattered. In the end, we were on the wrong side of the vote totals. As much as it was a huge let down for everyone, something amazing happened. We may not have succeeded in the amendment fight, but we won in mobilizing and uniting North Carolina citizens who believe, as we do, that we’ll end up on the right side of history