Individual Donor Benchmark Report

Telling the story of fundraising for small and medium size nonprofits.

In collaboration with Third Space Studio, we have worked to bring the Individual Donor Benchmark Report – a survey of individual donor data – to life. Over the course of the project, Report has evolved from simple graphs to a designed storytelling piece that serves a resource to fundraisers of small and medium-sized nonprofits. Coupled with a robust media relations strategy, the BC/DC Ideas team helped increase participation and gain national recognition of the project.

MeasurementSurvey ParticipantsMedia PlacementsReport Downloads
IDB Project 20132611700
IDB Project 201487171400
IDB Project 201511923535
Total Growth360% increase109% increase2,635 total downloads

Objectives & Methods:

  1. Storytelling & Design: Experiment with innovative ways to present data as a useful tool for fundraising professionals.
  2. Engagement: Increase Report downloads and survey participation of organizations under $2 million.
  3. Awareness: Increase Report visibility and coverage by national and nonprofit-focused media outlets.

Building buzz through media resulted in growth, recognition and credibility for the Project. Consistent media relations contributed to year-over-year growth in media placements and nearly 400 percent growth in participation and usage of the report.

Project Highlights and Key Takeaways:

  • Visual storytelling through smart design and infographics is critical to communicating data-driven topics in a public-facing forum.
  • Identifying key influencers can result in increased website traffic, project engagement and credibility with other media outlets.
  • Sharing consistent stories can cultivate ongoing relationships with the media and repeat placements.
Growth in survey participation over three years
Growth in media placements with national bloggers, podcasters and thought leaders
Report Downloads
New emails acquired for ongoing engagement