Capturing Princeville Rising

This is a story of how citizens and partners are working to install conservation and restoration projects that will support their goals to build back bigger, better, and bolder.

Celebrating and Supporting Resilience

In this nonprofit video for the Conservation Trust for North Carolina, we meet the people of Princeville, N.C. who are utilizing conservation to build a resilient future. As extreme weather events impact communities across North Carolina, places like Princeville are finding innovative ways to rebuild with greater resilience to our changing climate.


In the oldest town in America formed by freed enslaved people, Princeville has been a source of pride for generations. It has also been home to devastating flooding in more recent times.


During the scouting phase, we honed in on three main attributes of Princeville – resilience, dignity, and strength. Focusing on the partnership with CTNC with that lens and how the climate mitigation work will help their community thrive was a winning combination.