Feedback Style: Kind Collaborator

Attributes of a Kind Collaborator

Thoughtful – Patient – Thorough – Sets Boundaries – Calm – Logical – Inclusive – Honest – Transparent – Kind

Who Is The Kind Collaborator?

The ideal feedback style is the Kind Collaborator. These folks guide your ideas to a higher level. They know the mechanics of what they value as good.

When this review style needs to give you negative feedback, it’s kind, never degrading or dismissive. It’s framed as a logical pathway to improvement. This style isn’t for the weak. You must have confidence in your work and leadership to live this style.

Kind collaboration isn’t permanent. You can slip into more negative feedback styles when you are stressed or feel a team member isn’t performing to your expectations

How to Maintain Your Kind Collaboration

Being a Kind Collaborator is about time, trust, and kindness.

  • Sprinkle encouragement like confetti. Point out the good stuff. Be enthusiastic about the work that hits the mark.
  • Take time to kick off a project and leave time for thoughtful review and feedback.
  • Be a true collaborator. This reviewer understands what they can contribute to an idea and allows it to shine.
  • Find joy in giving feedback. This review style works to provide direct, actionable feedback that helps improve an idea.
  • Be clear in your expectations and evaluation of quality. No one can live up to your expectation of quality without being shown how you define it first. Become a teacher of what you expect in a quality work product or idea.
  • Include people’s experiences, cultures, and personalities. Open the door to conversations about expanding your evaluation of good to others’ experiences.

Acceptance of your Feedback Style is the first step to creating a kind workplace. Great job!

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