North Carolina Early Education Coalition: COVID and education system

How do you tell the story of COVID-19’s impact on the early childhood education system when you can’t film interviews on-site? Harness the power of Zoom! We worked with the NC Early Education Coalition to conduct online interviews with childcare workers, parents, and coalition members and then used a little editing magic to pull together […]

St. Bernard Parish (SBP): Disaster Relief Volunteering

We had the privilege to partner with SBP on a social edia campaign to increase volunteers for disaster relief projects on North Carolina’s coast. With the COVID-19 pandemic putting in-person production on hold, the BC/DC Ideas team pivoted to using stock footage and images with on-screen text to bring the message home and increase their volunteer base.

Cats Crash the Puppy Bowl!

We’re going to the Puppy Bowl! Every nonprofit wants to hear those magic words of being part of a national broadcast or news story. When Animal Planet selected SAFE Haven for Cats to be part of the annual Puppy Bowl broadcast, our team went into action, creating a communications campaign to leverage the most from […]