Photo A Day Challenge // Week 30


Hello! How are you? I’m over here feeling like I’m sitting in an igloo. Is it cold, or IS IT COLD? OK, so I think my idea of cold is the same as other people’s summers… but it’s colder than normal and I’m ready for it to be over now. Who do I have to speak to to make that happen? This list seems fitting, with it’s ice blues, don’t…

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Photo A Day Challenge // Week 29


Oh gosh, I know you’re just going to LOVE this artwork for the photo a day list. I just know it. It’s beautiful, and fun, and created by the clever Sarah Epstein. I’ve met so many talented designers this year so far {28 people!} and it’s made me really want to improve, and explore my creative skills. Sarah’s artwork has just stepped that up a notch. You can check out…

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Photo A Day Challenge // Week 27

image copy

Howdy! I’m pretty excited about introducing you to the designer of this week’s list. She’s such a beautiful, talented photographer and just a very nice person. Nice people are good! Meet Mel, and see the beautiful list she created. I strongly suggest following her on Instagram {@melwhittlesea}, because you’ll be inspired. You will. How to play on Instagram + check out the photo a day list for the daily prompt…

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Photo A Day Challenge // Week 26


Hello! How are you? Happy Friday. I’m just quickly popping in to share the list for next week. It’s sure to make you hungry. The designer behind the list is the lovely Camille of Her & I {cutest leggings for kids, EVER}. You can see more of Camille’s beautiful photos here. How to play on Instagram + check out the photo a day list for the daily prompt + use…

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Photo A Day Challenge // Week 25

week 25 photo a day

Because of the internet, you can find people from all corners of the world doing beautiful things. Good things. Rin is one of those people. She’s here in lovely Australia, but without the internet I would know about her, and I very likely wouldn’t have received happy mail from her. She does good things like makes people happy through sending them beautiful letters. She’s also a Montesorri School teacher. She’s…

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Photo A Day Challenge // Week 23


How are you? I hope good, and well rested and healthy and happy, and most of all ready to embark on another week of photo-taking. This week the list is another beautiful one, as they always are, and it’s designed by the lovely Megan of Makewells. I’m loving the softness of her artwork. Don’t you think it’s beautiful? I have to apologise because there was a glitch with the downloadable…

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Photo A Day Challenge // Week 22


Hello! I’m coming to you from America today, and will be in Australia very soon. But I’ll actually lose a whole Sunday being up in the air. Weird. Sundays are my favourite day too! Sob! Today, like every other Sunday, I’m bringing you the new list for the week ahead. This one is a beauty. The prompts are easy and the design is super pretty. It just screams, “PLAY ME!”…

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Photography lesson: Mastering the rule of thirds technique


Hello and welcome students. Take a seat, get your cameras/phones/photo-taking devices out, and let’s get started. If you’ve been playing along with photo-a-day for a little while now, you’ll know that each month I share a photography technique as a prompt. It gives us all a chance to grow, stretch and explore a little more with our photos. Some are harder than others, and some are ones that I use…

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Photo A Day Challenge // Week 21

Photo A Day Challenge // Week 21

Howdy! Today I’m heading off and away to DISNEYLAND. I am so excited, and nervous about flying so far with kids. I’m trying to be all zen-mama and be totally cool with being in a confined space with small children for so long. I’ll report back from the other side. Until then, I bring you the new list for the week ahead. I am looking forward to sharing photos from…

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Photo A Day Challenge // Week 20


Hello + Happy Mother’s Day to the mamas among us. I hope your day is filled with cuddles and cake. Today I’m sharing the photo a day list for week 20 {YES, week TWENTY. Where is this year disappearing to?}. It’s designed by the lovely Jess of Jesses Mess. Thank you Jess for creating this beautiful piece of art for us. You are very clever and kind. Below you’ll find…

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Photo A Day Week 19: Let’s get our photo on!


Hello! Today I’m bringing you the new list for the week ahead, and just like every other week… it’s beautiful. The very talented Mari Orr has designed this list for us this week. You can check out more of her work over on her site, here. Here’s to a fun week of photo-taking, and may the act of stopping to take a photo each day change the way you see…

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Photo A Day Challenge for Week 18. It’s here.


Hello! Last year at some point I found someone {or she found me, I don’t know which} named Melyssa. She’s creative, and inspiring, and I really just love everything that she does. We’ve worked together on lots of things. She’s created a design pack for the Little Moments App, she’s designed loads of things for my blog, and we’re working on a few other projects together too. It only made…

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Photo A Day Challenge: Let’s do week 17!


Good morning sunshines! {Or afternoon if that’s what time it is where you are}. Today I’m bringing you the list for week 17. Can you believe we’re already SEVENTEEN weeks into 2015? Weren’t we just celebrating the New Year? Time flies when you’re taking photos. The list this week is fun in design and in prompts. Who doesn’t love jelly and rainbows? Irene of Missy Minzy designed the list for…

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Photo A Day: Here’s the challenge list for week 16!


Morning! Autumn has finally arrived and I am so excited about the cooler weather. I’m far too excited about a change in weather, but I tell you it’s justified. The summers are so humid here, that we all just want to wrap our arms around the new season and never let go. Cooler mornings and nights, and then perfect days… come to mama! As the seasons change all around the…

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Photo A Day Challenge April: Week fifteen. Are you ready?


Hello. Hello! Happy Easter. Or Happy Feaster if you’re part of my family. We’re celebrating Lacey’s birthday today AND Easter, so it’s a good cause for celebration. Oh, and the end of Daylight Savings. It’s ALL happening. Instead of a birthday party for Lacey this year, we headed up the coast to a resort for kids and stayed a few nights. It was all about the kids, all the time….

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Photo A Day | Week Fourteen | March/April


Morning! I’m writing this from the kitchen table at my Ma’s house. We’re all having a big sleepover, as my Big Sis and Bro-in-law are up from Sydney, and who doesn’t love a sleepover? Well, probably my sister who has been woken at crazy o’clock by my kids. Whoops. This week’s list is a March/April list, kicking off tomorrow on the 30th of March and covering off Easter. I know…

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Photo A Day | Week Thirteen | March


Morning. I’m writing from the not-so-sunny Gold Coast. We snuck away for the night, and it’s been so nice and relaxing. I hope you’ve had a great weekend. This week’s list for Photo A Day is by my lovely friend Simone of Honey and Fizz. Simone is one of the most stylish, and clever people I know. You only have to check out her blog or Instagram to fall in…

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Photo A Day: Let’s have fun with Week 12, shall we?


G’day! Ah, the weeks are rolling by so fast and here we are with another new week ahead of us. The artist who created this list, is Adi from Sprout & Sparrow. Isn’t it fun, and happy, and cute? They do the cutest prints for kids, so if you’re looking to spruce up a little person’s space, check them out. Below you’ll find all the details you need to know…

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Photo A Day | Week Eleven| March


Hello! Today I’ll be jetting off to Melbourne and then through to Tasmania. I’m pretty excited. Well, I will be once I actually pack. Today I’m pretty excited to introduce you to Adam France, who is HUGELY clever {mind-blowingly clever} and has designed this week’s list {Week 11!}, and it’s beautiful. And so fun. You can see more from Adam on his website. Thanks Adam for sharing your creative skills…

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Photo A Day | Week Ten | March


Good morning sunshines! Today I’m bringing you the list for week ten, and it’s a really special one to me. Rafiki Mwema is the charity that I support. I sponsor a sweet little girl named Tabitha, and you can see her on the beautiful list below. Sarah, from Castle Design and Rafiki Mwema, designed the list for us {I can highly recommend her if you’re looking for someone to create…

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Photo A Day | Week Nine | February/March


Morning. I’m writing this post from a particularly soggy part of Australia. We’ve had rains for days, that I kinda forget what the sun looks and feels like. We’re getting the tail end of the cyclone, which has fizzled down to lots of rain and minor winds. I hope that everyone up north is dry and safe. Today I’m bringing you week 9 of photo a day, and this list…

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Photo A Day | Week Eight | February


Hello you. Are you ready for a new week of photo-taking? I am. Last week was a crazy-busy week, so I’m loving that I can put that week behind me and start a new week of photo-taking. I’m finding that the weekly lists make it much easier to manage and stay creative, are you the same? The list for this week was designed by the lovely Shani of Rare Pear…

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Photo A Day | Week Seven | February


Good morning {or afternoon or day, where ever you are right now}! The past week has whizzed by at the speed of small children on a sugar high after a birthday party. I can not believe that I’m here again sharing a new list. But here I am! Today I want to introduce you to someone who I feel like I’ve known online forever, Susannah Tucker. Her photography is stunning,…

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Week 6 | February | Photo A Day


Howdy! I hope you’re dandy! I know I’m easily excited, but today I truly have good reason. I have one of my favourite artists creating the list this week. Lauren Merrick was someone I’ve wanted for a long time, and she’s so busy it’s been had to nab her, but I finally did. See, excitement plus! Lauren is a talented artist, as you can tell from the list below. Isn’t…

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Photo A Day | Week Five | January/February


Hello you! How are you? I hope well. I have some really exciting news today for you. If you have an iPhone or iPad or iPod, the Little Moments App is going to be available for FREE tomorrow {it will actually go live today at some point, so grab it as soon as you see it}. It’s an Australia Day gift from the team at Olympus. But now that you’ve…

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