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Shark at . Thankfully, Mick Fanning is unharmed.

BACK in the USA Babaaay!!!


Tied for the lead.

The incredible moment a surfer fights off a shark attack on live TV

Pope John Paul II talking with his attempted assassin Ali Agca, in his prison cell, 1983.

Congratulations on your wedding, ! Wishing you the best from all of us in Pittsburgh.

Social worker Yusuf holds 4-year-old Musu who lost both parents to in Sierra Leone

The bicycle "has done more to emancipate women than any one thing in the world"

Happy birthday to Edgar Degas, born on this day in 1834. View a slideshow of his works:

46 Days to Kickoff: Ohio State had 46 plays that gained 30+ yds, 2nd most in FBS.

Perfect rainy Saturday.

. on the cover of Metal Hammer! In stores this Tuesday!

He can't stop barbz. Meet me @ the club. Love u so much.

The last light of the day melts into the Sierra Nevada in . Pic: Cliff LaPlant

Say hello to our Blue Cheese Matrix & find the perfect one for you, from mild to hella stinky

Scoops for Stu.

The real hero is always a hero by mistake; he dreams of being an honest coward like everyone else. UMBERTO ECO

How to get to cuddle .

"Who needs Silicon Valley when you can have Silicon Beach?"

Training to run 26.2? Don't make one of these common marathon mistakes.

These Miami florists will make your wedding flower dreams come true!

Enough with the slanderous attacks. and all our veterans - particularly POWs have earned our respect and admiration.

Good news for : Morning coffee just got an upgrade! Find out more in the latest names 8 UNDERRATED Superstars, including , , and !

Bruce Lee. Chuck Norris. And... Aaron Rodgers:

Happy Birthday to the newest member of the , ! The All-Star turns 30 today.

Breaking: faces at ! Tickets on sale July 31st!

Street Fighter V update: 16 fighters at launch, future characters earnable via gameplay

These are the 14 best songs of 2015 so far

Google will offer free broadband to low-income families in White House pilot program

cabbage patch cat

1967. Wednesday. `All You Need Is Love' is number 1 in the UK (Record Retailer chart).

Their words, not ours... MT : The apocalypse is happening in LA!!!

Can someone give me the contact info for El Chapo’s contractor? Thx.

Sunday-afternoon racing at ? We wouldn't have it any other way.

Actress in a dress for August 2015. Photo by Norman Jean Roy.

Another great example of why economics needs to update its metrics: Wikipedia *lessened* GDP.

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All day every day.

NEW: Family blames pot, alcohol for shooter’s troubles - on

New member (mom to a 9 & 16 yr old) says "Puberty has entered the house!" Help her out, !

Florida Fast. Florida Flash. ’s Orange TECHFIT x uniform.

All about .

167 years ago, pioneers in Seneca Falls began the fight for women's equality. Add your name:

Good night Cincinnati

A pro surfer fought off a shark attack on live TV

Our weekly birthday wrap looks at the likes of a France's leader & a Brazilian superhero

How far would you go to meet Robby, our piloted RS 7? flew in from Australia:

Philippines! July 21st. Tickets available at now

The cast joined costume designer for a special exhibit at today!

The odds of you having a great Sunday are increased substantially when you watch .


Good evening, Australia! Are you ready to battle? Good luck to all of .

Morning Breath by asit:

paired w/ for the Ultimate Aoki Adventure! enter here to win a free VIP trip:

Happy 39th birthday to Benedict Cumberbatch! See pics of some of his hottest looks

How do you define London? It's hard to pin down, but tries:

Happy birthday, ! See his 1903 pastel "Dancers in Green and Yellow" on view now:

A major home update is just a paint job away! 20 cheerful exterior color palettes >>

This for velvet chicken is Cantonese cooking at its most elegant.

The reason there's so much suffering in the lives of so many is because there's so much power in the hands of a few.