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#10NTC recap- You shoulda been there!

by fouts

This is the second year I’ve attended the Nonprofit Technology Conference and I have to say it’s hands down the best conference I go to. Not only is it well organized and full of great presenters and speakers, the people that attend this event are just so inspiring.

It’s always been a part of our mission to support organizations for social change and I leave every year with a new commitment to working with more nonprofits. This year I managed to give back a little by donating copies of the new book Beth Kanter and I crowdsourced called “#SOCIALMEDIA NONPROFIT tweet ” and not only were we able to donate over 150 copies of the book courtesy of our friends at Tungle and my co-hosts at Gamechanging, but we donated all proceeds from future sales to NTen, so we can continue to support this amazing group.

I also presented a session with Susan Tenby of Tech Soup on one of my favorite speaking topics–”Listen First! Finding Networks and Connections in Social Media” where we talked about the tools for listening, but more importantly the hows and whys and what to do with all that information part. I won’t summarize it here because Amy Sample Ward did a superb job of that here. While you’re there be sure to read the rest of Amy’s summaries. She’s really amazing at hitting the points and drawing the value out of a session.

I sat in on the session in which Beth Kanter and Allison Fine introduced their soon to be released book “The Networked Nonprofit“. The two are using a lot of crowdsourcing techniques themselves, ranging from a wiki to asking the crowded presentation room for input and tweets tagged #Networkednp. From the preview pages we got and the discussion I’d suggest you pre-order this one now. It’s gonna be good, there two are very smart.

Another session I really appreciated was the panel on social media policies. Having just presented on that in Tulsa it was great to hear someone else talk about it for a change, and although there weren’t near as many people in the room as there should have been it was an excellent discussion on not just how to implement a strategy but on how to get the staff to actually adopt it. Here’s the Tweet stream and my favorite Tweet from panelist Tammy Gordon ( @AARP) “Be transparent. Be responsible. Be Non-Partisan. Be Trained. Be Responsive.”

As always at conferences lately I met a lot of people I’ve been connected to online but had never met face to face. I met a lot of new people too and I was just a little sad to leave all of the amazing energy that a conference full of the positive energy and hopefulness that comes from people working for social good. I’m energized to make working with nonprofits a bigger part of my personal and business goals and I’m busy reaching out to people I met to make that happen.

I could go on and on about this conference but with Amy’s re-caps, the summaries being posted on Twitter with the hashtag #10NTC, the pictures on Flickr, videos on YouTube. stories on Whrrl and the slides up on Slideshare you really don’t need that do you? But if you have any interest in nonprofits at all you should be making plans for NTC next year in Washington D.C. I know I am.

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