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    RT : Progress made,

  2. "Ask the Experts" Q&As in today's special edition of IAC Express

  3. IAC Express-Top Stories: 2016 "Yellow Book" now online, IAC's HepB birth dose honorees, redesigned VEC website

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    Via : Engineering A Shingles Vaccine That Doesn't Wimp Out Over Time -#vaxfactsv#sb277

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    When will opponents call for a halt to personal threats?

  6. IAC Express-Top Stories: CA eliminates personal & religious belief exemptions for vaccination, measles death in WA

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    Terrific op ed in Sunday's knocking sense into the anti vaccine craziness. Kudos

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    RT! This post is AWESOME!!!

    • @alisonsinger

      President, Autism Science Foundation

    • @COMOmeningitis

      The Confederation of Meningitis Organisations (CoMO) is dedicated to ending meningitis globally by ensuring families have access to prevention and treatment.

  9. Great news! Governor signs vaccination law, says benefits outweigh the risks.

  10. IAC Express-Top Stories: June ACIP meeting votes on vaccine recommendations, CDC webinar series on "The Pink Book"

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    Q and A re constitutionality of via Protecting the health of all our children is paramount

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    Unvaccinated 6 yr old DIES . 10 Vaccinated schoolmates fine but in quarantine

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    Sad news from Spain this morning -- intentionally unvaccinated child dies of diphtheria. why needed.

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    Among those who helped pass? Carl Krawitt, father of a 7-year-old leukemia survivor:

  15. CNN: California vaccine bill that bans personal, religious exemptions advances

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    : Votes to harmonize pneumococcal schedule intervals to 1 year between doses of either PCV13 or PPSV23.

  17. Read this important article: Deadly complication of measles - SSPE; pass

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    The Long & Winding Road to Serogroup B Recommendations via

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    Deborah Wexler of --typically a strong supporter of CDC/ACIP views--urges routine MenB recommendation.

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