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One of the most Influential and Active Parent Advocates for families dealing w Autism & Health Issues. World Citizen. ASPIE view from a Bean Field Down State IL

Joined October 2008

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  1. At this breaking point the establishment is very nervous about the sword wields GOP

  2. The Noise around will only get louder. There is no way the establishment will allow him to blaze the trail for our future

  3. Remind me WHY theres even a discussion about various Neurotoxins being injected into Babies? Investigate

  4. Intellectually Bankrupt and Soulless Party - Did you ever think you would hear that on foxnews…

  5. Republican Voters are fed up with intellectually bankrupt and soulless party Michael Needham CEO Heard on

  6. If you MUST Feed First. Provide Clean Water, Teach Sanitation End wars, Even in 3rd world vaccines can be questioned.

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    aluminum is a neurotoxin as well, newborns getting Hep B are exposed to too much on their first day of life


  9. The Headline read these are the worst of times, I do believe it's true See Us

  10. 83 shots for Adults?

  11. dig deeper please Health Alzheimer's Vaccines Luv

  12. It is sad to watch establishment paint themselves into a corner. checkmate.

  13. Wall is coming down but the establishment has muted mainstream media, bought politicians and bullied parents. One brick at a time

  14. Twitter Tips Be original - IF ALL you do is retweet others then we miss the blessing of your input. I know you have things to say. TWEET IT

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    : What is your addiction?”educating for better, just world, if you aren't ok I'm not ok

  16. . silence amplifies

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    surging in the polls lately. Is this a turning point for his candidacy?

  18. . silence kills

  19. Respect See Us Like Us is Dr William Thompson investigate

  20. . We should not be fighting each other HCSM

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