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    Is Pluto a planet? Who cares!

  2. So many ppl sent great pictures of last nights's Moon/Venus pair to me. Thx everyone! Check my mentions to see them all.

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    Moon, Venus, Júpiter and Regulus star. Greetings!

  4. Moon, Venus, Jupiter, and the star Regulus over the Rockies’ foothills. This came out pretty nice. :)

  5. Here’s a hi-res version of that Moon/Venus photo. Venus is a tad overexposed, but otherwise not bad.

  6. Getting questions about why Venus has phases. This guy explains it pretty well:

  7. Oh, this shot of the Moon and Venus came out nicely!

  8. As it gets darker, look for the star Regulus above Venus, and Jupiter to the right.

  9. The Moon is just over 400,000 km away. Venus is 58 *million*, 145 times farther away.

  10. Venus and the Moon, taken just a few minutes ago. You can see the crescent on Venus.

  11. Venus and Moon show very similar phase. We’re seeing them in roughly the same geometry with the Sun, and that defines phase shape.

  12. The Sun is still up a bit, and clearly saw Venus and Moon. Thru binocs, Venus is clearly crescent!

  13. Autocorrect, you don’t know “phaser”? Do you not know me AT ALL? //cc

  14. Did y’all see the latest weird pix from Pluto/Charon yesterday? Hummocky ice fields & a sinking mountain. WAT.

  15. I just fixed our vacuum cleaner so I am now basically .

  16. Well, saw Venus easily in my binocs, but nothing with just my eyes. It’s a bit too cloudy here. I’ll try again later.

  17. I might try to look for Venus in broad daylight today, but it’s a hard observation. Must be VERY careful of Sun 20° away.

  18. For this of us in the US, there Moon will be about 1° from Venus tonight. Look west around sunset!

  19. “I am the Doctor! And I save people!” Do you, Doctor? Do you, really?

  20. Totes m'goats.

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