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    Donate $1 digital copies of the and save lives!

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    Very well put! Are Doctors Dumb and the CDC Evil?

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    I was only mildly famous in the '90s but vaccinate your kids

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    "Why science is winning the vaccine wars"

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    Promise Is Seen in an Inexpensive Cholera Vaccine

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    Washington state woman was first measles death in the U.S. in 12 years:

  7. Thanks to for taking on Jim Carrey's anti-vax tweets and dishing out the facts. via

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    Thank you Governor Jerry Brown...for signing without exception!!!

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    Get an early start on preparedness by visiting the 2015-16 flu season FAQ page:

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    Saddened to learn the 6 yr old with diphtheria has died. A grim reminder of the importance of vaccines.

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    RT : Great news! Thank you & for helping keep kids healthy & in school!

  12. 5 Vaccines All Young Men Need (Because It’s ) via

  13. ACIP Passes “Permissive” Recommendation for MeningB Vaccine for Young Adults |

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    ACIP says OK for permissive use of meningococcal B vax for adolescents at preferred ages of 16 to 18 years. Good job

  15. Summer travel abroad? Don’t forget travel vaccinations |

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    ": Make men’s health a priority. Prevent in our young men w/the vaccine: "

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    Our fearless intern took on Robert Kennedy, Jr. on in the . Check it out!

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    3 or fewer doses of vaccine equally effective at 4 years, NCI study finds

  19. Great news! Almost a year after eliminating , India declared free of maternal & neonatal

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