Get hands-on with the Kind Review process. Learn the steps to bring more kindness to your workflow and then customize it to fit your specific team. We’re all humans, but we don’t need to be crappy humans. Finding kindness in your creative process will produce better work and better people.

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Master Creative Feedback Styles

4 hours, but can be customized to your needs

Having 100 bosses in 10 years teaches you a few things. First, it taught speaker Dawn Crawford much about personalities and bad habits regarding reviewing ideas and creative work. 
As the creative agency owner for over a decade, Dawn has led her team and clients to complete thousands of communications, marketing and advertising products. Through this client interaction, she’s discovered eight feedback styles in the workplace. They range from the Kind Collaborator, who helps your work live its best life, to the Rage Review, who intends to burn your work to the ground.
In this presentation, learn about all eight types of review personalities. Spoiler alert – only one style is kind and helpful. You’ll:
  • Explore why feedback and risk avoidance are human survival techniques
  • Discover your style and determine how to use it best to get your work done
  • Learn how to successfully manage other people’s personality types to find the compatibility that leads to kindness in the review process

Collaboration and feedback are essential to successful creative work. Everyone thinks they can do creative work and it’s often true. But doing it well at work takes an open, collaborative team.

In this entertaining presentation, the audience will get the keys to unlocking collaboration by creating an environment that promotes a kind, thoughtful and respectful review process. By learning about yourself and others on your work team, you’ll gain the tools to thrive in a kind workplace.

Start the Kind Review Revolution

4 hours, but can be customized to your needs

Here’s a revolutionary idea: you can control the feedback you receive on creative ideas. You can control how it is given, its energy and even the amount you get. As a result, you can create a kind feedback process that leads to better results.
Kind Review is a unique process developed by Dawn Crawford that helps you understand the feedback styles in your work life so you can get your creative projects done quicker and with more collaboration. This process will help you feel more confident about sharing your ideas at work. It will help others receive your thoughts in a way that allows you to include their input without losing your stake. This process also produces better ideas that reflect a team of smart collaborators. Through Kind Review, you can make your ideas better.
This presentation gives you the tools to take action and develop a creative review process that will produce better results more efficiently and help save your sanity. Kindness is the key. It’s the feedback in the act of being helpful and well-meaning. It’s reframing errors as changes. It’s about creating a team process for creative production.
In this presentation, you will:
  • Explore the framework of the Kind Review process
  • Learn each step that is key to unlocking creativity and collaboration on your team
  • Customize the process to fit your organization’s unique needs
Dawn gives you tips, tools and worksheets to build a process for your team. Get the keys to unlocking collaboration by creating an environment that promotes a kind, thoughtful and respectful review process. 

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Kate Runy


A passionate technical wizard, Kate thrives on managing online content, social media for communications, and development projects.  Kate is the workhorse of the team, pulling out amazing feats of content creation and management week in and week out. 

Prior to joining BC/DC Ideas, Kate coordinated website and social media content, communications, and advertising for Go Global NC and Alzheimer’s NC.

Things that make her happy: I love animals about as much as I love working for nonprofits.

Mishel Gomez Cespedes


Mishel brings a passion for video storytelling and quippy social media content to the team.  At BC/DC Ideas, she is most likely editing video or scheduling the next moving social media post for our clients.

Her ear for storytelling is her greatest asset. Mishel has a unique ability to assemble content into a concise story that moves audiences to action.

A graduate of Wake Forest University she spent a semester in Spain and years serving her community through the campus organizations. Now, she is putting her passion for good to work.

Brian Crawford

creative director

Mix equal parts nerd and creativity and that’s Brian. A natural problem-solver, Brian’s ability to cut to the core of any problem helps guide our creative team to the correct solution without wasted time or money. It’s the core, this little nugget of truth, that helps our clients take the next step with their audiences.

Brian gets the greatest joy out of helping our clients realize and connect with their story. He is a true believer that everyone and every organization has a compelling story to tell, you just have to listen with an open heart.

Things that make him happy: Hanging out at the park with family, toddler-speak, hitting the focus pull, and good coffee.

Dawn Crawford


The engine behind BC/DC Ideas, Dawn has dedicated her career to good. Dawn brings her considerable experience and expertise to helping elevate the nonprofit sector. Our team’s lead strategist, Dawn is often seen leading our IdeaStorms, penning communications plans, or checking in with clients.

Before launching BC/DC Ideas in 2010, she earned her chops in 10+ years of communications leadership roles for public health, healthcare and youth-focused nonprofits. Working for nonprofits is Dawn’s dream job, and she loves that her 40+ hours a week make the world a better place.

Things that make her happy: A glass of champagne to celebrate big wins, Basecamp, living in the South, seeing the world, and a well-formatted spreadsheet.