How To Defend Your Survivors: When the Creative Process is Like a Zombie Attack

How To Defend Your Survivors: When the Creative Process is Like a Zombie Attack

Every idea starts on a beautiful, clear day. There is so much promise and optimism at the start of a creative project like a new brand, website or a fundraising campaign. We gather round the conference room table and hatch the most beautiful plan. Then, the reports of dark happenings start rolling in. There’s the budget to think about. Well, what would the board think?

There are so many things that can get in between the realization of a good idea. These lurkers do shape your idea to make it stronger, more solid idea, but man, they are hard to hack through.

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Use Weapons to Defend Yourself – In the zombie apocalypse you’ll wield blunt weapons for deftly blows to the head. In the creative process your weapons are experience, research and best practices. Have a quiver of useful articles, stories and reasons why your idea should survive.

Watch for Creepers – With every idea there is always that creeper that follows behind you, always present, never relenting. These can be the opinion of a naysayer stakeholder or something odd like the doubt about a color choice. Be strong with these creepers, even if you kill them off they will come back. Have a go to reason on why that color needs to stay or why the project will work.

Keep Out of Reach of Running Zombies – These killers are quick. It’s usually something that you know you should have taken care of, but was hoping that it would be a creeper. Regardless, these are serious idea killers that need to be dealt with. This can be a bad choice in a vendor or a major upset in your timeline. Take care of it swiftly. Put it out of its misery and move on.

That Zombie Lurking in the Dark – These surprise attacks get your adrenaline pumping. For ideas, these can be a bad focus group results or a VP stating that he hates the idea after weeks of work. Stumble backwards, gain a good footing and then prepare to defend your idea. Just because someone hates it, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t survive. Maybe you need to change it a little, but ultimately the core idea will come through.

Boom StickSacrifice One So The Group Can Survive – Your idea will not come through this process unscathed. It will be hacked down, slimmed down, toughened up. Sacrifice the slow, old and fat so your idea can see the dawn of another day.

Sometimes You Use the Boom Stick – Yes, sometimes you have to lay down the law. Know where your boundaries are. Get passionate and clear about what makes that idea work. Stand up for it, fight for it, bring a big stick.

Always Find Humor in Every Situation – Yes, the creative process can be difficult and stressful, but it’s worth it. Launching a great idea is the most rewarding parts of working. Your idea will survive!

Now, let the chainsaw fly!




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