The 12 Types of Users on Social Media (infographic)

I ran across a great infographic from First Direct out of the UK. This list falls in line with what we tell our clients about the types of users we see. It’s important to know your community, because it’ll help you communicate to them.12 types of SM users

Hello, my name is Brian and I’m a Lurker

It’s true. I’m more of an information gatherer on social media. I like to share, but I like to read even more. I’m more likely to like or retweet than comment. For folks like me, it’s not impossible to get me to engage, it just takes persistence.

Dawn, on the other hand, is an Ultra

The Ultras are going to be your super users, you know that they’re going to like, retweet, repin, comment, and share your content. For her social media is her extended family. Advice, support, or encouragement from friends is just a few keystrokes away and the feedback is nearly as instantaneous as the real life version.

Trigger Points

The takeaway for us and how we approach social media challenges with our clients is every community has a trigger, a communications approach they respond to.

One of the first things we do is work on figuring out what type of community our clients have on social media. Sometimes it’s obvious and quick to figure out and sometimes it takes a long time to understand their trigger points to get them active and engaged.

So which type are you?

Importantly, what types do you have in your organization’s community?

There we go, being Quizzers again.

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