The way through any mess is a good plan. Our approach to communications strategy gives you a roadmap to implement a project that meets your needs – budget, resources and timelines. We don’t produce elaborate plans that sit on the shelf, we create a dynamic, step-by-step, tactical framework that helps you meet your goals and produce real results. Our integrated marketing and communications strategies are developed to promote your projects via multiple channels. This ensures that your work will be hitting target audiences with the right message at the right time.

The beauty of our planning process is that we can build a plan that your team can implement, or we can help you. Either way, you get our expertise and experience when you need it most – at the beginning.

We love collaboration. At the launch of every project, we hold an “IdeaStorm”, which not only brings us into your organization’s world, but also forms the foundation of buy-in for the project. We work with your team to ensure that everyone has a voice and input into making the finished project something you all will want to share.

Clients Benefiting From Strategic Planning:

  • Audubon North Carolina
  • Center for International Understanding