Get to know our PR intern Mary Lindsaye. Yep! We’ve got another double-named diva on the PR team. We love her in a completely professional way, and you will too!

Professional HeadshotHi! My name is Mary Lindsaye. 

I’ve always wanted to help people and be involved with organizations that were making a difference. When I went to Pfeiffer University for my undergraduate career, one of the main things they emphasized was servant-leadership. I quickly got involved with multiple nonprofits through them and found my love of communication studies. Through this I saw the impact that communication skills could have especially when they were applied to a good cause. That is when I knew I wanted to work with nonprofit organizations in the communication field.

I applied and was accepted into the graduate program in the School of Media and Journalism at UNC-Chapel Hill on the strategic communication track. I am in the process of achieving my Nonprofit Leadership Certificate as well and will graduate May 2017. 

I’m beyond excited to start working with such an amazing organization like BC/DC Ideas!

Why do you love communications?

The impact of communications is what immediately drew me to that field. I even enjoyed the many theory classes I took. The challenge for me was the fact that I wanted to help people, and I wanted to make a difference. It seemed like I was going to have to choose for a long time until I realized how important communications is for nonprofit organizations. Instead of helping 10 people in one week, I could help 100 just because I could aid in the communications aspect of nonprofits making a difference.

What is your nonprofit passion point?

Children have been my passion since I was 14. I’ve worked with children’s ministries in churches since then and headed up an Angel Tree project at Pfeiffer while I was there. 

Why are you excited to join the BC/DC Ideas team?

I’m excited to be a part of such a great organization that is so driven to make a difference in the world. I am really looking forward to seeing how a specialized communication skill-set can increase the effectiveness of nonprofits we work for. Nonprofits and communication are my two passions, and they are being united in this agency!

Where would people most likely find you on a Saturday afternoon?

With my fiancé seeing the newest movie in theaters after trying a new restaurant in the Triangle. If he was busy? Curled up with a good book on my couch.

Which rockstar/musician/band would you most like to be and why?

Taylor Swift because she’s grown and evolved since her beginning, but she has still stayed true to herself.

What is your favorite color?

It has to be Carolina blue!

What is the one office supply you cannot live without?

My colored pens because I love to color code my work! It makes it happier.

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