Meet Our Newest Rockstar: Lauryl Fischer

Meet our newest PR and communications intern Lauryl. We love her in a completely professional way, and you will too!

laurylHi! My name is Lauryl. I have a healthy amount of experience working with clients in a professional setting, as a previous account executive and current account supervisor for Live Oak Communications firm, a student-run agency at Elon. I have helped plan and launch Earthshare NC’s “Campout! Carolina” event, served as account supervisor for Tickle My Ribs, and I also volunteered with a nonprofit café in Copenhagen called Café Retro, where I designed a print and video campaign and staged a special event: a pop-up pillow fort within the café.

Why do you love communications?

I personally love communications for two reasons:

  1. It gives me an opportunity to learn, often in-depth, about issues and/or businesses that I normally would never get to learn about. It’s impossible not to catch some of your client’s passion for whatever it is they need help promoting/marketing. And that passion inspires education. I love getting into the nitty-gritty of a client’s product or issue. I always walk away with extra nuggets of information.
  2. It lets me promote the things I love. When you work with clients or products you adore, it’s your job to make other people adore those things too. I do this in my personal life all the time, forcing books and movies and music on people. I also love doing it in my professional life.

What is your nonprofit passion point?

Underneath the umbrella of social justice, I specialize in women’s and LGTBQIAP+ issues. I am very passionate about pushing for change for these communities, whether through volunteering, rallying, petitioning or educating.

Why are you excited to join the BC/DC Ideas team?

Here’s what’s special about BC/DC Ideas: they’re in it for the passion. BC/DC drew me to them right away because of their exclusive work with nonprofits, which takes a special kind of person—one who is creative, dogged, globally- and socially-minded and fueled from within. These are all traits that I identify with and want to emulate going forward into my work with BC/DC Ideas and in future careers. I am excited to bask in that very special glow, and to work on some clients that I identify with and am eager to learn more about.

Where would people most likely find you on a Saturday afternoon?

Check any local café and I’m there, hunched over my laptop or nose-deep in a book. I’m always reading or writing, reading or writing, and the bustle of a café warms the cockles of this writer’s heart.

Which rockstar/musician/band would you most like to be and why?

Have you heard of Foxy Shazam? Look up a video of them immediately, because their lead singer, Eric Naly, is so insane and flashy and talented that, if I were to be a rock star, I think I would like to be him. Or, to go the exact opposite direction, I’d love to be Stevie Nix and achieve her boho cool.

What is your favorite color?

I have lots of thoughts about colors, probably more thoughts than a person should have about a very simple topic that one begins to ponder as early as preschool. When I was in preschool, I was an especially precocious child, who, in the interest of avoiding a decision and appearing unique, responded to this color-question with the simple answer: rainbow. This, I realize, is a cop-out answer. I am going to stick with it anyway.

What is the one office supply you can not live without?

Just as I have too many thoughts on colors, I have too-few thoughts on office supplies. But I like staplers because I find myself in need of a stapler often and others often need staplers as well. It is so rewarding to have your own mini-stapler on hand for any stapling needs, should they arise.

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