Meet Our Newest Rockstar: Caroline McSwain

Get to know our design and multi-media intern Carolina. We love her in a completely professional way, and you will too!

carolineHi! My name is Caroline McSwain.

I am a proud resident of Durham, aka The Bull City! I am graduating from Elon in May with a Masters in Interactive Media. Before enrolling in the M.A. program, I graduated from Elon with a B.A. in Media Arts and Entertainment- Broadcast and a minor in Human Service Studies. As the host of the Elon Student Television talk show, the president of my sorority and the coordinator for an Elon Volunteers program, I possess a unique skill set that has prepared me to have an incredible summer with the amazing BC/DC Ideas team!

Why do you love communications?

Ask anyone who knows me, I love to talk! Whether it be through social media, blogging, or visuals, I love communicating with people of all backgrounds and varying interests. I know being an effective communicator is a valuable skill, and I work every day to improve and grow in that area. 

What is your nonprofit passion point? 

I am extremely passionate about fostering community with people that have physical and mental disabilities. As a volunteer who has spent years working with this part of society that is so often overlooked and marginalized, I have become especially interested in nonprofits with this cause. Working with these individuals has so deeply enriched my life and changed my way of thinking. I also love working with the elderly, and have interned at Hospice Homes and Assisted Living facilities. 

Why are you excited to join the BC/DC Ideas team?

I am so excited to combine my two biggest passions: communications and nonprofit work. BC/DC Ideas is like nowhere else, and I am thrilled to be part of the team! I am also looking forward to spending time with the fun individuals I’ll be working with- I love them already! 

Where would people most likely find you on a Saturday afternoon?

My ideal Saturday afternoon is reading a novel and soaking up sun in Duke Gardens! Unfortunately, most of my Saturdays lately have been spent working on my Masters thesis: an interactive video tour of downtown Durham. 

Which rockstar/musician/band would you most like to be and why?

I realize this is going to be a highly controversial answer, but I would love to be Miley Cyrus, just for a day! I think she has a legitimately awesome voice and unique perspective on life, and I love her nonprofit foundation “Happy Hippie” that raises support for homeless teens. I’d honestly just love to know what goes through her head.

What is your favorite color?

Carolina blue!

What is the one office supply you can not live without?

Not technically an office supply, but I cannot live without my sketchbook and colorful markers- I am always jotting down ideas, doodling, etc! 

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