Facebook has redesigned the layout for Facebook Pages and rolled out the functionality to all pages. The new design was developed to remove paid ads, improve the user experience, plus put a greater focus on the brand assets (profile and cover image) and call to action.

We’re really excited about the new opportunities this layout provides including greater flexibility and creativity in designing the logo and cover image pairs. The new layout is only available for desktop users.

Here are the key highlights for clients to be aware:

  • The Call to Action Button is much more prominent – now a bright blue button and placement below the cover image
  • Ads have been removed from the side bar – giving users a better experience and putting more focus on your brand content without competition
  • More page tabs are visible on the home screen
  • User tools including Search, About and Inviting Friends have been moved to the right vertical column
  • A Search Bar has been added to let users search for content


  1. Use your Call to Action button. Make sure you are asking people to email you or call you!
  2. Update your Cover Image so it takes full advantage of all those beautiful pixels.
  3. Clean up and sort your tabs on the left hand side. Those have been hidden for a while, so you might have some VERY dated content that is now visible.
  4. Clean up your Info box, Apps and other widget boxes on the right-hand rail. Just make sure all those items are up to date.