3rd Day of Social Christmas: Planter’s Naturally Remarkable Holiday

Suave, funny and holiday charm, Planter’s new Mr. Peanut campaign is a win!

This holiday season, Planter’s has introduced ‘Naturally Remarkable Holiday.’ The campaign is simple enough. It consists of a TV spot, a Facebook page, with some light YouTube integration. Planter’s has left their homepage unadulterated other than encouraging people to find Mr. Peanut on Facebook.

The TV spot is a total charmer. The humor is dry, a little dark, but still holiday appropriate. I really enjoy the taxidermy squirrel gag at the end. According to the interwebs, this is the first speaking Mr. Peanut ad. Good thing they drafted RDJ (aka Robert Downey, Jr.), because I love him and he makes for a great Mr. Peanut.

You can become a fan of Mr. Peanut on Facebook to get in character updates that link back to their Facebook tabs. The fan page tabs have integrated video, meet the characters of the holiday campaign, and a “Hear Me Sing” tab where you can share a holiday greeting with friends. The depth of the page makes me wonder if this character set will live on past the holidays. We’ll have to wait and see.

Planter’s has themed their YouTube channel, which is a nice touch. The channel has HD versions of both the long TV spot and the “Hear Me Sing” holiday card. 50,000+ views ain’t bad either.

It’s a fun campaign. Love the humor. Now, I want to eat some peanuts. Mission accomplished!

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