2013 IDB Report Empowers Nonprofits to Enhance Fundraising Strategies

How much could your nonprofit raise from individual donors? That’s what the creators of the Individual Donor Benchmark Report sought to answer when they began a nationwide, grassroots effort to compile data that empowers small and medium nonprofit organizations to understand their donor potential and to enhance their fundraising strategies.

This year, nonprofits from across the country participated in the Annual Donor Benchmark Survey, sharing their fundraising performance over the past year. The results have been compiled into a specialized report and infographic with tailored information benefitting nonprofits with a budget less than $2 million, providing an analysis of the online fundraising and advocacy community during 2013.

Third Space Studio based in Durham, North Carolina collected and analyzed the survey while BC/DC Ideas, a Raleigh based communications firm, designed the report and corresponding infographic. Both organizations specialize in nonprofit strategy, communications and fundraising.

“The goal was to create a clear picture of realistic fundraising goals and results that organizations can share with their staff and Board,” said Heather Yandow, Third Space Studio. “There are few reports that provide some context for your organization’s fundraising work. It can be difficult to compare your organization to organizations with a much larger budget, and we are working to solve that issue by collecting our own data for smaller organizations.”

The report analyzed data and trends from organizations’ submissions including:

  • Percentage of individual donors
  • Total dollars raised from individuals
  • Individual and major gifts and their average size

Fundraisers and leaders who take the time to participate in this survey are interested in making their nonprofit more successful, moving their cause forward, and building better relationships with activists, donors and supporters. The hope is that these nonprofits, armed with data specialized for small to medium sized organizations, will feel empowered to take their fundraising to the next level of success.

“Our hope is that these nonprofits, armed with data specialized for small to medium sized organizations, will see value in the report and feel empowered to take their fundraising and communications programs to the next level of success,” said Dawn Crawford, Principle Communicator of BC/DC Ideas. “Your budget doesn’t have to be outstanding to create real, positive impact in your community or to set new goals for your organization’s fundraising achievement.”

Click here to read the 2013 Individual Donor Benchmark Report.

Click here to view the 2013 Individual Donor Benchmark Infographic.

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