Meet the Original Rockstar- Dawn Crawford

Each new addition to our rockstar team is welcomed with their very own entry on the blog! So far you’ve met a few of our content creators, but what about the fearless leaders? Get to know our Principle Communicator¬†Dawn Crawford like you haven’t before.¬†We love her (in a completely professional way), and so will you!

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Why do you love communications?

I love communications because we get to craft a conversation. Life is built from words and stories. Working in nonprofit communications you get to create amazing stories about worthy causes. You get to elevate people to become superstars for a cause. I also love the little smirky smile you get when you read a clever or touching line. It’s fun to be able to evoke emotion on a daily basis.

What is your nonprofit passion point?

While I feel incredibly lucky to work with all of our clients, my personal passion point is healthcare and public health.There is nothing more incredible than giving a person knowledge that will change their life. With healthcare communications, you do that with every piece of the communication. I also love the scientific aspect of communicating healthcare. It’s nerdy, always changing and improving.

Why are you excited to lead the BC/DC Ideas team?

It’s a dream come true to work with our team and our clients. It makes going to work easy, easy, easy. It’s inspiring to work with nonprofits that are successful and making a real difference. I love working with our team at BC/DC Ideas; the sum of our brains, talent and passion is so special. We are really lucky that so many cool nonprofits let us do awesome things for them.

Where would people most likely find you on a Saturday afternoon?

Finding a way to tucker out my baby Katrina. Becoming a mom in 2012 has changed my life in so many wonderful ways. Saturday afternoons will never be the same.

Which rockstar/musician/band would you most like to be and why?

Angus Young from AC/DC. Mad talented, strong personal brand, lives the rockstar life.

What is your favorite color?

Hot pink or yellow – those two colors just scream happy.

What is the one office supply you can not live without?

My notebook and my Pilot g-2 pens. I take the craziest, most cryptic notes but once I write it once it’s forever in my brain. The notebook must be small enough to fit in my purse and must be spiral bound.

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