1,000 Words With Simply An Image

In a world where audiences are bombarded with information and content, it is increasingly difficult to stand out from your competitors to deliver a message. Maybe an image is all you need.

The question is, how can nonprofits harness the power of an image to engage their audience? Our answer is always — creativity!


Using photos as content for social media is a growing trend. Many of our clients see increased engagement from their followers when incorporating images into a social media plan. From the growing popularity of Instagram and Pinterest plus Facebook’s new addition of photo comments, the power of the perfect image can’t be denied.

“A 2012 study by ROI Research found that when users engage with friends on social media sites, it’s the pictures they took that are enjoyed the most. Forty-four percent of respondents are more likely to engage with brands if they post pictures than any other media.” – Ekaterina Walter, Fast Company

Why are images gaining in popularity?

  • Quickly communicates a message
  • Breaks up text heavy content
  • Dynamic and engaging
  • Tells a story
  • Easy to share and repost on newsfeeds

An image has power. It can stand out among the flux of information received by your audience. It can invoke an emotion to support your cause. It can be light and fun, offering a glimpse into the everyday life of your organization.

With the rise of smartphones, snapping a photo at an event, during a day at the office, or showcasing your latest program is easier than ever. Post it. Tweet it. Pin It. Voila! You now have creative, dynamic, rockstar content promoting your cause.


The trend seen by this group of rockstars is this: It doesn’t matter if your audience is made up of musicians, scientists or hardcore birders. Images resonate with social consumers.

We want to know, have you used images for your nonprofit branding strategies? What success have you seen?


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